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With many years of professional expertise in the fashion industry under their belts, the Junkies want to teach YOU how it all works! We now offer a variety of classes to help you learn all the right tools to achieve your fashion goals. Find a class you're interested in and sign up NOW!


Is there a specific and concentrated skill within sewing that you would like to learn? Check out our WORKSHOPS! Here we will help you with all of your sewing questions along with providing some extra fun courses for those who would like to go more in depth with their sewing. Our installation workshops include Grommets, Zippers, and Button Snaps. Our construction workshops include Collars, Pet Clothing and more! 

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1-on-1 Specialize Focus

Whether it's learning how to sew or how to create a specific project, Sweat Shop Junkies can teach you in our 1-on-1 sessions! Each class is $60 and you may book up as many as you like for the best learning experience. If you have any project that you need assistance with, we're here to help and you will have our personal time with one of us to complete the task at hand.

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Sewing 101

Absolutely new to sewing? Great! We’ve got you covered. In this course we will run through the ultimate essentials and basics of sewing to get you well acquainted with it all. Learn skills such as using a sewing machine, fabric selection, and more. At the end of this course you will be making beautiful and stylish pieces ready to wear!


XClusives Advanced Classes

Learn how to make Xclusive designs with these classes! Current courses include Bikinis and Zip Up Hoodies. We recommend these classes to those who have taken Sewing 101 or who feel very comfortable on a machine!



We offer Sewing 101 and Graphic Tees class for KIDS!

With our super friendly staff we will teach the little ones the basics of sewing as well as how to make SUPER cool designs that they can rock on tee shirts!

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