Sweat Shop Junkies, LLC also known as "SSJ" is a customization based, apparel organization that offers urban, street wear and business attire style. We cater to middle class men and women, 20-35 demographic in Los Angeles, California. Our mission is to provide our broad-minded customer with quality, comfortable garments that allow them to feel liberated and confident in their authentic self through fashion. Focusing on the emotional aspect of clothing, the transformation into the people we long to be and/or revelation of the people we are, we hope to touch a wide range of individuals who value self-expression, which in turn can inspire others to do the same; creating a positive environment of self-assured individuals who dress to express versus impress.

So for all the support given towards this movement and contribution to the brand, we would like to acknowledge that we appreciate you all very much, and say THANK YOU all for everything in advance.



CEO, Lead Designer

Cezon McDonald


Jay Shanelle

CEO, Lead Designer

Jaleasa McGreggor